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Supporting our Staff
President, British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin
Cite as; Mehta R. Supporting Our Staff. Opinion from the President’s Desk. Sushruta 2020 (Mar) vol 13;
Issue 1: ePub 27.03.2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the normal life upside down. It has become a national crisis.
During this extraordinary period of pandemic, our primary focus is the health and wellbeing of
patients, members, our staff and loved ones.
We have written to the CMO to express our solidarity during this unprecedented crisis. We stand
firmly with the government and support the measures being taken to contain the spread of the
disease. Of course there are some worrying issues including provision of PPE and testing of the
staff for Corona virus. We have taken up these issues with the authorities.
I am getting messages from our divisions in different parts of the UK that our members are
working shoulder to shoulder with rest of the team. We are very proud of the dedication of the
NHS staff.
We have raised the issue of health surcharge for overseas workers with the Prime Minister. It
now amounts to £4800 per year for family of four. We believe that this surcharge is
discriminatory and unfair, as the overseas workers are already paying their due share of National
Insurance contributions, superannuation and income tax.
We are pleased with the success we had with GMC granting CCT to CESR-CP holders. Current
GMC procedure for IMG trainees who enter postgraduate training programmes at ST3 or ST4
level is that, on completion of their training they are granted a CESR-CP certificate, as opposed
to a CCT. In effect, This differential certification seems like second class certification.
Please look after yourselves and family and stay safe.
British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (1998); Mehta R v1 (27.03.2020)
vol 13; issue 1: