Vol. 15 No. 3 (2023): BAPIOAC23 - National Conference

Putting Compassion Back into Care: Focus on Minority Ethnic Families Experiencing Dementia

Sir Al Aynsley-Green Kt.
Aynsley Green Consulting, UK
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Published 2023-10-03


  • compassion,
  • empathy,
  • dementia care

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Aynsley-Green, A. (2023). Putting Compassion Back into Care: Focus on Minority Ethnic Families Experiencing Dementia. Sushruta Journal of Health Policy & Opinion, 15(3). https://doi.org/10.38192/15.3.13


Public services are stressed by soaring demand, inadequate capacity, staff burnout and low morale with strikes reflecting profound unhappiness. With so many difficulties, the fundamental need for compassion in public services has been eroded, with adverse consequences for patients and their families or carers. The need for compassion is not only an individual’s humanitarian and professional responsibility but one that should be given high priority by organisations, educational institutions, and professional bodies. 


The care of patients with dementia and support for families or carers provides a perfect example of such disparities and their devastating impact. The implications for families affected by dementia in minority ethnic or marginalised communities are considered alongside the need for a ‘paradigm shift’ to patient-centred, ‘needs-based’ services to improve outcomes. This article explores and attempts to extrapolate the relevance of personal experience to those in minority ethnic or marginalised communities on whom there is limited information and those who have little voice or advocacy.1 There is a distinct role for charitable and third-sector organisations with a deeper understanding of the cultural context to demonstrate leadership in moving policy and resources to address such societal and service disparities.


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