Children with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) What do we owe them?

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Daphin Nazareth Fernandez MBBS FRCPCH


Traumatic brain injuries following road traffic accidents, stroke, brain tumour, and its treatment constitute a large proportion of children with acquired brain injury (ABI). There are at least 35,000 children being admitted due to traumatic acquired brain injury (ABI) annually in the UK (1).

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Fernandez, D. N. (2020). Children with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) : What do we owe them? . Sushruta Journal of Health Policy & Opinion, 11(1), 19.
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Daphin Nazareth Fernandez MBBS FRCPCH, Bristol Royal Infirmary, UK

Consultant Paediatrician with an interest in Neurology


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