Vol. 13 No. 3 (2020): Colour & Colonialism - Facing the Shadows of the Past

Role of an International General Practitioner in post COVID-19 Britain: Career View

Samitha Kouser Ajaz MD MRCGP [INT]
Royal College of General Practitioners, International Member
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Published 2020-07-23


  • International General Practitioner,
  • MRCGP,
  • Post-COVID-19,
  • Post intensive care syndrome

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Ajaz, S. K. (2020). Role of an International General Practitioner in post COVID-19 Britain: Career View. Sushruta Journal of Health Policy & Opinion, 13(3). https://doi.org/10.38192/13.3.13


The General Practitioner (GP) is the first line of contact for patients, providing continuity of care, and approaching the patient in a holistic manner taking into consideration the physical, emotional and social aspects. (1) This is extremely challenging, satisfying, and exciting because a GP comes across patients of all ages with diverse backgrounds. The opportunities for a GP in the UK are innumerable including GP with Special Interest (GPwSI), research and development, education, training, and occupational health services among other areas.1 This article focuses on the pathways an Internationally trained GP could choose so as to train and work as a GP in the UK and briefly throws light on the prospects of MRCGP (INT). It also highlights how the workforce could be increased to meet the demands of the post-COVID-19 pandemic.


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