Climate Change & Health

COVID-19 Pandemic

July 2020

Edited by

Catherine Dominic (Queen Mary's University of London) &

Ramyadevi Ravindrane (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine)



Published: 2020-06-21

Climate Change Policy:

From Negligence to Implementing a Carbon Tax

Jay Anil Patel, Olivia June Bloodworth, Vishal Ashok Kumar Unnadkat, Seetal Assi, Ashni Asit Badiani

An Online Survey of Healthcare Professionals in the COVID-19 Pandemic in the UK:

Perceptions of Risk Factors

Indranil Chakravorty MBBS PhD FRCP, Sunil Daga PhD, MRCP, MBBS, Subodh Dave MRCPsych, Subarna Chakravorty PhD MRCPCH FRCPath, Professor Geeta Menon MS FRCS FRCOpth, Neeraj Bhala MBBS MD FRCP, Ramesh Mehta OBE MD FRCPCH, Professor JS Bamrah MB, BS, FRCPsych, MHSM